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what u pleople think about Ricardo Mayorga trash talking?

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    I think it is a shame that many times his exact words are lost in translation. To me he is humorous and is always humble after the fight but at times it seems that his words are over the line especially for being a "christian". Talking of people's mothers and wives are not necessary. When he said he was going to retire Vargas to save his wife from having to see his busted up face after every match that was actually a little entertaining after seeing how Vargas looked after fighting Mosely. All in all I don't think he means anything it is just part of his show just like his ciggarrettes, beer and junk food at the weigh in's. He is an aggressive fighter and always entertaining.

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    That's what it is, just trash talk, because he can't really back it up in the ring. You saw what happen in his last fight, he said he was going to knock-out Vargas by the 6 round. Well, he didn't and the worst thing about it he was so tired by the 6 round that he was just holding on. He was lucky Vargas was a fat guy in the fight & did not had the stamina, he was also very tired & slumpy. Vargas should retire & Mayorga should keep fighting, but I do think he is going to get his butt kick later. He is a brawler, not a fighter!!

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    Ricardo is a 2nd rate fighter who fought another 2nd rate fighter he is nothing more than a gate keeper so 2 speak. So to answer your question it dont matter what he says his record or history has shown my statement to be true.

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    Hey if he can back it up I have no problem with it , Hey this is Boxing we need more trash talking , it makes the overall event more exiting and more anticipated .

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