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Is it time to consider that Jason Blake has been a waste of money?

It is hard to determine whether his sickness has contributed to his performance. I gave him the benefit of doubt and cut him some slack, yet he skating as strong as last year and is leading the team in shots. Whats going on?


it was a mistake...i clicked on hockey... report it all you want...

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    I'm not sure if it's bad luck or what, but those shots just aren't going in. His shooting percentage last season was around 13%, but this year it's under 2% - that's an amazing dropoff.

    He's still a plus player on a team that's been outscored by 17 goals, but I agree that there's got to be some disappointment at 2 goals in 25 games after he scored 40 last season. The Leafs, as usual, seem to have several players disappointing to this point in the season. Only Sundin, and maybe Antropov, are playing better than expected, while guys like McCabe continue to drive Leafs fans crazy.

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    OK stupid, Jason Blake plays hockey you are in the baseball question. Why can't I report you idiots for being too dumb to get the right section for your question?

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    Dude, hockey is another section. This is baseball. Nobody cares about NHL Hockey. Sorry

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    What section am I in?

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