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HI I'm 18 and Tried all the time.?

Hi, I have a great diet. I workout out colse to a 6 pack. But when I wake up each morning I'm so TRIED I feel weak!


Details please. Thanks

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    That's life... I am tired a lot too. But, try vitamins and other natural energy boosters. They will help! Coffee is good too. It's not bad for you.

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    I do not suggest using caffeine to give you energy. I tried it and it backfires. You might just need more sleep. If you're 18, you need like 9 hours a night of sleep to feel totally refreshed. If possible, the more sleep you get before 12:00 midnight, the better.

    Most people our age don't get enough sleep. It is very unlikely that your tiredness is caused by a dissease or something crazy like that.

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    it might be your sleep regime, are you getting at least six hours a night?? if yes, then maybe you might need a few extra hours, try getting in 7 or 8 hours instead.... the sleep cycle takes about 4 hours, that's why a lot of us are tired when we wake up in the morning, it would be better if we could sleep in shifts of 4 or 8, but 7 should suffice

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    Hi there,i think you are tired cause your diet is not suitable with your age.Try to do a SIMPLE diet and suitable with your age and try to not diet all of time,do not force your body.Last,control your sleep time.You are suitable sleep for 6 hour.Try it,maybe it can help you.

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    You may be overdoing it. You may be burning more calories than you are consuming. You may not be getting enough rest. You may not have enough iron. You may not be drinking enough water.

    Or you may be completely normal...

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    you might need to get that checked out, its possible you might have hypoglycemia or boarder line to a diabetic...go and make your self an appointment

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    you need a blood test

    Epstein-Bar syndrome



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go get tested!

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