I just applied to a university , but my college transcripts won't be ready til end of semster.?

will this affect their decision on letting me in? the decision is supposed to come in two weeks. my last day of class is the Dec 12th and I don't know when grades are coming out

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    It might, and it might not. Most colleges start reading applications (complete applications) as soon as they arrive. So not having your transcript there might hurt your chances of getting in. But this is VERY IMPORTANT: Call the school, if you didn't do so already and explain your situation to them. They might ask that instead of an official transcript you make copies of your report cards or your progress reports. Just let them know that your transcripts won't be arriving on time. Sometimes, if you don't do this, the admissions committee will think that you're careless and just forgot to turn in the transcript. Don't let this be the case!

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    Normally you send in what you have to date. High school kids do it all the time- how else would they apply in January and be accepted, but not graduate HS in May? You should have sent what you had at the time with your application. This will delay the decision process.

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    its shouldn't effect your application what they normally do is process you application and when they get your Transcript let you know in a matter of days weather or not you are accepted

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