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Will the Cleveland Indians Make a Big Trade?

I am interested in what others think. I know the Indians need a left fielder but I say no, the Indians will not make a big trade because Mark Shapiro will not let go of players like Adam Miller and a few other promising young pitchers. There were rumors about Jason Bay but would Bay be worth giving up premium pitching talent? I admit I was a bit jealous to see the Twins get Delmon Young because I like him a lot but the Twins had to give up a young pitcher and like I said, I do not see Cleveland doing that. So - what to do in places like left field if teams only demand pitching in return or as part of the package?


I would never put Aaron Laffey in a trade package because he proved he could start, including in the playoffs.

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    I think us Tribe fans just need to continue practicing patience with our prospects... and not trade them off so easily. That being said, Shapiro obviously has a great eye for talent - and in him I trust. Jason Bay is NOT worth trading young pitching for. It's much easier to come across a left fielder than it is to find a quality pitcher.... and pitching wins ball games. Now that our pitchers have last year's post-season experience... they'll come back even stronger next year.

    Carl Crawford would be ideal... and I really like Kenny, too... if they can get him to come back, I'd be happy. His presence in the locker room was a God-send towads the end of the season.

    However it works out, Shapiro has done a FANTASTIC job so far, and I'm sure he'll make the right decision. My days of doubting him are over.... there's not a better GM in the league.

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    I think the Bay trade makes sense for both teams. The Indians need a LF and a good right-handed bat and the Bucs need pitching and young talent. What has been talked about in Pittsburgh is possibly Cliff Lee and a couple of minor leaguers for Bay. Bay is still affordable salary wise and last year he was injured from day one and had a bad season. He'll bounce back this year and with a change in scenery for Lee, he may do the same. Look for something to happen at the Winter meetings!

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    After they resign CC .........

    if Jason Bay is what we are getting this is my opinion on the "big trade". Why not give up Adam Miller? What has he done for the Indians? He overthrew his first year in the minors. His second year he strained his throwing arm. Last year was the first year he has been healthy all year and I think it is because he is throwing softer. 96 is still fast, but the guy is still a minor league pitcher. He has proven nothing at the big league level and although their is tons of potential there I am afraid the guy is going to throw his arm off. The Indians are notorious for holding on to pitchers in the minors to just lose them because they are "out of options". We are ready to win right now without Adam Miller. We went out and got Kobiyashi to sure up even more bullpen depth. Get the BAT! Lets get it done. I am sure the Pirates would like a lefty like Cliff Lee and a prospect like Adam Miller or even Aaron Laffey. We even have Marte as a "prime" prospect to use as trade bait. They should try to pick up Chris Gomez for a minor league deal and if Barfield doesnt produce in spring or by May they send him packing and bring up Gomez as the utility infielder. How about this lineup -








    8.Guitierez (or 9)

    9.Blake (or 8)

    If any of these guys struggle you can just move them around. I hope they get Micheals more involved this season. His only down side is that he makes bad baserunning descisions.

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    Going into the winter meetings, Cliff Lee is probably getting the most talk about a trade. We are deep in pitching at both the major league and farm system level. If you recall, there was talks of a Carl Crawford deal during the season.

    Bay would be worth giving up some young prospects most definetly. I would rather have Carl Crawford though, so we can finally get Grady into the three hole.

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    the tribe has several options or possible trading pieces. They have three young middle infielders, cabrera, peralta, and barfield. personally id like to see asdrubal slide over to short and possibly stick peralta at third w/barfield at second. They also have ande marte, the huge thirdbase prospect, who lost a little value with injuries last season. And casey blakes value is pretty high right now coming off a big season, he could also be a big trading piece. They have incredible depth in the pitching department as well, with c.c., westbrook, carmona, and byrd returning to the rotation they will have cliff lee, jeremy sowers, adam miller, and even perez competing for a spot in the rotation. Personally I think the staff looks good and giving up a young pitching prospect to land a solid position player would be worth it to push them over the edge and make another run into the post season. I would expect them to make a big move before the start of next season, but i also wouldnt be surprised if they stayed with what seemed to work just fine last season.

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    it actually relies upon if the Indians can come again into the AL critical race till now the commerce time shrink. i think of that in the event that they get circled, they'll in all threat be shoppers and revisit the commerce for Jason Bay of the Pirates. he's having a surprisingly respectable 365 days and is commencing to hit HRs andcontinual in runs the way he used to. Cleveland has a number of possibilities of their gadget that the Bucs could go with to get their arms on and their GM is a former worker of the Tribe and is time-honored with their possibilities very nicely. If the Indians are out of it in July, they in all threat will unload their older gamers and skill unfastened brokers and attempt to get much greater possibilities in return. that is in basic terms a rely of in the event that they're going to be shoppers or sellers.

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    No. Unless, they can somehow score a deal for Jason Bay. Otherwise, they are pretty much set.

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