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Ways to discipline without spanking??!?

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    The age of the child makes a big difference..What ages are we talking?

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    There are ways to discipline children without spanking such as grounding, time outs, taking things that they like away, etc......Some can be effective other times they are not. Depends also on the age of the child and maturity level of the child. Spanking is usually effective at getting the behavior you're looking for to stop.

    Grounding- parents like that a lot but sometimes they forget that their child is grounded, plus they can do somethings in their room like read a book which isn't a bad thing, sleep, etc.....

    Timeouts-are good but they tend to only last for a few minutes and not really change the behavior

    Taking things away that they like-well it's good for maybe younger children but they also may learn to resent you or may get even worse if you take things away.

    Lecture-That's an easy one the kid isn't going to pay attention, will get bored way too easy, tune you out, etc.......

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    For refusing to %. up a fork or commencing a clean container of crayons, that's adequate to tell a toddler why that grow to be incorrect. For throwing a tantrum in a save, my daughters could actual get a spanking (no longer proper there, yet at domicile). So that is rather no longer a rely of what approach you employ for self-discipline yet of finding out on the suited reaction in any given concern. it is your selection, of direction, no rely in case you desire to apply spanking in any respect. i will in basic terms say that with my daughters spankings have been quite effective as a reaction to extreme and willful misconduct, which incorporate disrespectful and impolite words directed at mom or dad, or disobedience inspite of being instructed to do something as quickly as and back. different than spankings, taking issues away or at a later age grounding are good kinds of self-discipline, yet they have the drawback of being stretched out over the years, while a spanking is rapid and remarkable (till used each and daily, of direction).

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    I'm going to echo momof4 & daa - spanking, timeouts, taking away priveleges - these are all punishments, not teaching methods. What you really want to do is teach your children, not police them, right?

    Grab a copy of Parenting with Love and Logic from your local library or bookstore. It's got some absolutely fascinating ideas about teaching your children to make good decisions for themselves.

    And, if your child is still very young, build yourself a great foundation of trust that will help you both to work together well throughout your child's life, by embracing some of the ideas presented in attachment parenting methods.

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    There are many ways to discipline without spanking, standing in the corner, lectures, letting child see the results of there action, denying privileges,

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    discipline should fit the crime and age, there are 100000 ways to discipline without spanking, older children, grounding, take away TV, video games phone etc, younger children, time outs, naughty spot, cannot go to store with mom, but the punishment should reflect the behavior so it is understood

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    Standing in the corner. YOu can do this as early as 2 and go up to about age 14 or 15.

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    discipline actually means teach. some things that work for us --

    -- praising good behavior;

    -- time out for bad behavior;

    -- natural consequences (if they knock over the milk, they clean it up; if they don't get ready in time for bed, they don't have time for bedtime stories; if they're misbehaving on a playdate they have to leave, etc.)

    -- removal of privileges (like tv or later bedtime ... this works better with older kids who can still remember what they're being punished for even if it's not right after the crime);

    -- stern reprimand for bad behavior; discussion of how their behavior effects others;

    -- making them make up for the bad behavior (giving apologies, paying for something that's broken by doing extra chores, etc.)

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    time outs work well, just be consistent and follow through with punishment. If you constantly back down or try something new they will just keep doing their own thing cause you're not really doing anything.

    taking a toy away for a period of time or a privilege works well too.

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    depends on the age, but with my 3 and 5 year old, i use time outs, early bed times, no snacks. all kids are different and you have to test your water to see what works with who. my little boy is a tough one, but i have finally found his buttons.

    good luck!

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