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If a spouce is deployed will the army pay for the other to move with proof of orders?

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    It depends on what type of orders you are on.

    For example, I am on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to Kuwait with duty in Iraq. I was able to move my family before I left.

    Odds are that your spouse deployed with his unit and is on Temporary Change of Station (TCS) orders and will return to the same unit/duty station. In that case the Army will not move you. You can move at your own expense.

    Sorry, but that's how it works.

    If in doubt, take your husbands orders to the transportation office.

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    NOPE the Army wont pay for you to move again.

    If your talking about going home while he is deployed no they wont sorry. The best thing do to if your going home to be with family is if you live on base and want to give up housing , put everything in storage and go home; or you can not give up housing and leave everything there do a Military disconnect on phone, cable ect.. and go home just let housing know your going to be gone for x amount of time. That is what most spouses I know have done.

    Only thing you can do know with his Orders is call your creditors with your POA and request a 6% interest rate because he is deployed.

    Good Luck,

    Armywife & Soldier

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    no. Only PCS orders allow for family members to move, NOT deployment orders. any costs incurred would be completely out of pocket, BAH remains at the duty station rate and you lose housing if you are currently in MFH. additionally, you may lose access to much information about the deployment, since often times it can only be disseminate din person. Also, depending on where you move to, you could lose access to medical care as well as other base privileges and support facilities like MWR, the Commissary and Exchange, and the support center.

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    The military will only pay if your SPOUSE is under PCS orders.

    You wanting to move in the middle of a deployment is something the military and the American tax payer will not pay for.

    If he is deployed he is making enough EXTRA pay with all his entitlements to cover the cost of you moving. Ask him about it.

    Source(s): Real Navy Sailor
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    You shouldn't have orders unless he is being moved after he comes back from deployment, in that case, yes the army will move you, in that case, you go to transportation on your husbands post, make an appt. and they will pack your stuff up and store it and fly you to your next duty station, then you make an appt. with transportation at the new duty station to have them release your stuff and (or make an appt. with ACS for temporary supplies until transportation releases your stuff) and go from there.

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    no. they wont. because he didnt have pcs orders different than iraq. that duty station he is assigned to his is permanant duty station back in the US. If you live on post then..for SURE no. Otherwise..if he got deployed and you didnt move on base can take his PCS orders and have them move you onto post or to the town around his post (as you dont HAVE to move on post and personally..i think you save more money living off post..i wish i could move back off.)

    good luck!

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