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What was the best NBA Finals ever?

The best NBA Finals ever was between the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs. Some called it a wrestling match but this game was nothing but SKILLS!!! High flying acts don't make a game hype.


according to ESPN this game was the 2nd highest rated since 1998 which featured the Lakers

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    the '84 lakers-celtic series. no other finals had as many hall famers and 50 greatest players sharing the same court. it was the year of the boston massacre.

    the '05 finals was really a gut-wrenching affair. no team had a clear advantage over the other. the spurs didn't beat detroit, they outlasted them. horry made his stamp in NBA history in game 5. many years from now, NBA classic will showcase the game 5 of that series. it was awesome!

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    This grow to be the worst finals, San Antonio might desire to play a greater desirable group the NBA might desire to have gave the Spurs the NBA championship after the Cavs beat the Pistons simply by fact the Cavs cant play on an identical point of the Spurs. The Spurs go with a greater desirable group to play against (Bulls, Pistons) for there 4th Championship to intend something.

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    1976 NBA finals, remembered for the fifth game, With the series tied 2-2 against the Phoenix Suns, Boston took a huge lead at Boston Garden but could not hold it. Eventually, after numerous last second heroics by both teams, Boston won in three overtimes, 128-126.

  • balls
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    My personal BEST was 2004 Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers

    Game 1 of this series was my first full NBA game.

    I didn't know who to root for. I was in LA but LA was so hyped to win it.

    Then the Pistons just owned it up. They shut everyone up.

    Now I'm a Piston fan for life.

    That summarizes my best NBA finals ever.

    Source(s): Take a look at the top 10 plays of the 2004 final here:
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  • greg
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    1998 finals was bulls over jazz, and that is one of the best finals, mostly because it was jordan last with the bulls.

    I liked bulls and suns series, and the 98 bulls and jazz.

    the spurs and piston series was a good one but it wasn't that exciting. I liked the pistons lakers more than spurs n pistons.

  • Anonymous
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    Actually, that finals was the lowest rated finals ever up to that point in history.

    So, I think the majority of the world would disagree.

    The best one that I personally remember was the Bulls-Suns.

    I also liked the Rockets-Knicks.

    But I grew up in the late 80's & 90's so.....

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    Rockets-Knicks. All thoses games were nail biters. But in the end my rockets came through.

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