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Is it laziness or mental illness? Or something else?

If someone is twenty five, has never had a job, has never gone to college, has never dated and shows no signs of wanting to work or anything is it just lazy? Or does it point to something more serious, like depression or mental illness? I just don't understand why anyone would live like this, she refuses to help out her parents ( she doesn't like them) and won't even clean the house while they are at work. So I think, why not get a job and move out, right?


I tried to help but she refuses to work in the few jobs she's qualified for. No fast food or "boring jobs" are considered.

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    Mental Illness or depression is very likely actually.

  • I would think several things-first, maybe she's been enabled her whole life. Sounds like she's got it made. She can stay at home, not work, gets a roof over her head and food, etc. Also, yes, it could be depression (or a combo of both). I don't know her life history-you said she doesn't like her parents so there has to be something in her past. Maybe she has a low self-esteem and doesn't think she can make it on her own. Either way, she needs some gentle guidance and if this doesn't work a good old-fashioned dose of tough love.

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    you have brought up some points that would suggest she has a mild form of depression. has she been molested or raped? is that why she doesn't date or leave the house? i would say contact a psychiatrist and set her up an appointment maybe she has an underlying condition or she could just be lazy and want to mooch off of everyone but either way she needs to figure things out quick 25 is the turning point in your life i am 25 have 3 kids work 2 jobs and come home cook clean bathe the kids and take care of my husband and i have severe depression so good luck!

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    It could be depression. It could be that she doesn't really care. She seems to have it made pretty well. Her parents would do her a favor by kicking her out, giving her a deadline to find a job (anything) or signing up for college classes. She should show some initiative. Doing what she's doing shouldn't even be an option.

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    Some people are just totally unmotivated to do anything, just plain lazy. I don't think it is an illness, but a sloth way of living.

    We all have certain engergy levels, I think lazy people have very, very low levels of energy. It has little do do with intelligence, some very smart people I know are quite lazy.

    I think they are missing out on life, the upside is that they are not dangerous. Perhaps you could rent this person out as something useful, a coat rack!

    Source(s): Just my opinion, I think I will go lay down for a while! quite exhausting doing this.
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    Now I think it could be everything. She's probably set back by what she didn't do. As the years pile up, it gets worse and worse. Also, not being exposed to the world brings much less opportunities.

    Do tell her that she can start anytime - take baby steps, and with enough motivation and belief in herself she can be like the dynamite who can see success after success. Sometimes failure makes someone rise faster than the rest.

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    If its as bad as you say its probably depression or a severe lack of self esteem, which I say is a mental illness anyway.

    It must be so frustrating and I bet all offers of help are thrown back in your face.

    Waiting for her to move out is wishfull thinking, some tough love is needed!

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    Sounds to me like she's depressed & needs some help. She can't motivate herself. Being allowed to continue on as she's doing isn't going to do her any favors. She may need a friendly shove & or a trip to the doctor for meds. Although it may not be that easy to get her there. But it does require someone to take some action.

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    She needs to be thrown out on her *** See how lazy or depressed she is in the street lying under a cardboard box

  • It could be either. A person suffering from depression sometimes does not have the energy or desire to do anything. This person should seek help from a professional.

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