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piercings helpp mee monroe or lip?

need help tell me which one is better? a monroe or getting your lip pierced? im going tomorrow to get a monroe but i really wanted my lip done first and now i cant make up my damn mind, whch one should i choose?

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    get both!!

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    Maybe post a picture, that way we can give you an informed opinion.

    Without a picture, I'd say lip. Not everyone looks good with a monroe so lip is a safer choice.

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    well in terms of how it looks, personally i prefer Monroe on most people. i think it looks great! but Monroe is difficult to heal, and from what i hear, is pretty painful. I don't think the lip looks as great, but most oral piercings heal faster and aren't as painful.

    So if your going for looks go for Monroe.

    If your going for less maintenance and pain go for the lip.

  • eww neither

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