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I need some advice about my RB's for week 13...Please help me!?

I have Larry Johnson, Chester Taylor, Maurice Morris, & Willis McGahee. L. J. Likely won't play, & I don't know that any my other RB's have a good matchup:

Willis McGahee vs. NE

Maurice Morris @ PHI

Chester Taylor vs. DET

I'm thinking of picking up a free agent RB. Here are my available options:

-Lamont Jordan

-Laurence Maroney

-Najeh Davenport

-Rudi Johnson

-Reuben Droughns

-Ahman Green

-Adrian Peterson(CHI)

-Leon Washington

-Kevin Faulk

-Brian Leonard

-Andre Hall

-Correll Buckhalter

-Ladell Betts

-Aaron Stecker

-Michael Pittman

-Brandon Jackson

-Michael Turner

-Tatum Bell

-Heath Evans

What should I do?

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    Well dont pickup buckhalter and pittman..sorry ealges fan but that makes no sense.

    If your going to pick up anyone it should be Adrian Peterson (chi) He is the #1 there now and they are going to use him a lot. He is a very good recieving threat and will get around 80 to 100 yards each week.

    Also i would pick up Rudi Johnson. He has a very weak schedule after this week and if he proforms well again this week he plays the stl,sf, and cle... the last weeks which is playoffs.

    So this week i would play Morris who is filling in well for alexander and Mcgahee, he has a bad match up but is playing well and how can you sit him, he is one of their only producers. If your not comftable with mcgahee then play Adrian Peterson, chi needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt and he will be heavily involved.

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    Watch the status of Andre Hall:

    If Denver decides to start this dude he should rack up many a points for you this week. Last week Oakland allowed Kolby Smith to run for 160 with a pair of TD's. Kolby is KC's back back up and Hall is Denver's back back back up..... BUT.... Denver's line can make anybody look good and they've been opening holes (for their backs) for years.

    Go with either Morris or Taylor:

    Morris has a pretty tough match up against the Eagles and this should be an exciting game. He has run the ball well in his upgrade for back up to starter and is giving Matt time to drop and find some open recievers. Morris should get about 20 yards recieving this game which helps overall for points.

    If Adrian Peterson plays for Minnesota Taylor will of coarse lose touches, but when he is in he wants to make sure that everybody knows that he is also a hell of a running back (which is true). This should actually benefit Taylor in the 3rd-4th quarter with the Lions defense getting tired and sloppy and trying to tackle AP and Taylor, one of these two should break out for a pretty good game and i think Taylor is going to do exactly that.

    Good luck............. Hope information helps.

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    wow..tough situation. i think the only one you can start here is mcgahee even though its a tough matchup. Morris might not play and alexander has been practicing so it doesn't look good.

    Taylor will split carries with AP this week b/c their testing him out so not a safe bet either.

    i think your best option is to start mcgahee and pick up the other AP. He's their only back and takes the goal line carries so he has the potential to have a good week. the other option would be rudi johnson b/c he got a lot of carries last week and showed some improvement. kenny watson didn't really factor into the game with rudi getting most of the carries.

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    taylor against detroit.. detroits run defense is 31st in the league and since the leave of peterson hes been getting more and more carries.. he averages a lil over 60 yards a game on only 12 or 13 attempts a game.. just to put that in perspective since 60 doesnt seem that much.. jones-drew averages 53 a game and hes just around 12 carries as well and we all know how much of a baller he is

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    pick up adrian peterson. droughns may start so he's an option

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    i would go to pick up michael pittman and correll buckhalter

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