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Christmas Carol ? Whats the Ghost about?

I mean my other source says they represent the elements,I think it's times in our life. HELLLLPPP!!!!

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    becouse they are dead and yes the times in our lives. so ya...

    they represent you Past, Present time, and your future. and since they are dead hey can time travel. soo thats why


  • Tira A
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    They represent education.

    A lesson that by changing ones outlook, they can change their life.

    A chance to learn from ones Past, how it affects the Present, and acts as a pointer for what the Future COULD hold if one continues along their current path, which is dictated by actions and behaviors in their past.

    It shows that we can learn from our past, that we are the masters of our own destiny, and with a little help and self examination, we can make a difference in our future.

    That it is never too late to change and improve ones outlook and life.

    Good question!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Anonymous
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    They are there to offer Scroge a look at his life, past, present and future with the promised hope that if he sees and realizes his mistakes in life, he still has a chance of turning his lonely, miserable life around.

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    whith out the ghost, it would be kinda boring dont cha think, no shes prob. not a model, so, pick me plzzzz ;*

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