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My boyfriend's little brother lives with us. Can I claim him on my taxes?

I DO provide more than 50% of income and have for several months. It's a very confusing situation but he does live with us and I do provide more than 50% of his income. Sometimes we get 50 dollars as 'child support' but thats not much help with a 16 year old.


Yes I live in America. My boyfriend doesn't want to claim him because both of his parents claimed his last year and its apparently been a mess and he doesn't want to get involved with it. Me on the other hand, I don't care. I feel that if we are raising him, we should get money to help us!

Update 2:

Blah. Not the answers that I wanted...but thanks anyway.

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    Sounds like little brother qualifies as a dependent child of your boyfriend (nobody else living with you three, right?) That means the child cannot be your dependent. If you get married before the end of the year then he can go onto your joint return.

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    No you can't even if he lived with you all year, if your boyfriend lives there also. Since if he lived with your boyfriend for over six months of the year, he could be your bf's qualifying child, so he can't be your qualifying relative.

    I know that was a lot of IRS technical terminology. But basically the answer is no you can't claim him.

    As usual on questions re dependents, you've gotten some bad info. Spock might have gotten a thumbs up from somebody, but his answer is wrong, as is DJK's and hoppkit's.

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    Dream on. The qualifying infant depending ought to stay with you for better than 6 months of the tax 12 months. He did not stay with you in any respect. The qualifying relative would not ought to stay with you, yet you've gotten to educate you paid better than a million/2 of his finished help. paying for outfits and taking him to college isn't 50%. except you pay each and each of the employ and outspend his infant help, you get no longer some thing. and also you'd be audited, so be prepared to educate it.

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    you are in America, right?

    in order to claim him as a dependent, you would have to provide more than 50% of the support for the young man, measured over the entire tax year. A few months isn't sufficient.

    See instructions to form 1040 for details [available online from]

    Source(s): cpa
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    who ever has legal custody of the child claims him. Since your BF makes less money - it might be wise for him to claim head of household with Brother as his deduction. Head of household is a pretty decent deduction!

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    You better file before his parents do. You know they will try to claim him.

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    Your boyfriend can claim him, but you cannot.

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