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wat legal action can be taken if employer is not willing to sign pf form?

i deperately need your help .i had been working in a BPO for 2 years.i had to resign without serving a notice period as my father was very ill and as i am an outstation candidate i was required to leave for my hometown right away.i resigned in june 07.after i came back to delhi i have not been workin as i am very ill myself..i got the PF form attested by a bank manager as my employer had already made it evident that they would not sign the papers .little did i know that the papers are still forwarded to the employer after handing them to the EPFO.i got a call from my employer saying that i need to pay my recovery amount of Rs 16,000 or else they wouldnot sign the papers no matter what.i explained that i havent been working ever since june.its been 3 mnths and the papers are still with the employers.i went to the EPFO,they keep brushing it off by saying that they cant do anythng unless they recieve the papers frm the employers.wat legal action can i take?

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    Call the labor department.

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