why doesn't the ford escape come in electric only models?

I don't understand why Ford doesn't just make a car that is electric only. Can someone explain the reason for this?

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    No major manufacturer make an electric vehicle. Ford once had an electric Ranger. They were all leased vehicles with out the option to buy. When each one of the manufacturers got the vehicles back they were destroyed. They are not profitable. Theres no maintenance to be done and that's where they make most of their profit. No oil changes, no spark plugs, no timing belts, no service.....

    Ford had the Ranger

    Toyota Rav4

    GM had an electric Saturn

    And Honda also had an electric car.

    Source(s): www.sonyclassics.com/whokilledtheelectriccar/ This is a documantary on this topic, At times boring but its interesting.
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    Battery technology is not their yet in an affordable way.

    Well constructed Lithium Ion batteries are needed for this and they are just not affordable yet.

    I believe that Hydrogen technology will surpass electric anyway. You come home at night, hook it up to a machine in your garage and next day you have a full take of gas.

    The thing that comes out the tailpipe is fresh water.

  • Ryan M
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    1 decade ago

    It's because of cars like the GM/ Saturn EV-1 and Toyota Rav4 electric, although in their defense, they were never for sale - just leased. The lack of interest is why, but almost any car could be converted to electric power.

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    the only co making full electric cars now is tesla motors, ford's is a hybrid. But take heart, the motor is a pzev motor,,ie partial zero emmisions vehicle, the exhaut gasses are at times literally cleaner then the air your breathing during most commute hours.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they would be to heavy to go any where think to go farther you need more batterys the more wheight you have the bigger the moter you need the bigger the moter the more batterys you need he heaver you are its eazer to go diesel over electric or gas over electric batterys are just to big and heavy right now to go full electric

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