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要準備英文報告 但是英文程度不好 只能寫出中文稿 誰能幫我翻譯成英文呢?? 用字越簡單越好(意思要能大致表達出來) 以下


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    We only have an Earth, therefore I recommend you all to watch a movie "An Inconvenient Truth ". The movie content is about the former Vice President of the US, Gore, using real images and visuals proving that global warming does exist. Moreover, also using the scientific data and numbers to explain this crisis is caused by humanity activities instead of natural phenomenon. At the end, he said that we still have a chance to save the earth, but we'll be running out of time if we don't take our moves. You can help by doing the following steps: Turn the lights off when leaving, take public transportations more, plant more trees and tell people to watch this movie.

    Source(s): 自己翻的 希望有幫到你 已經用很簡單的字了
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