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    And so she passed away, and she farewelled (或者是 said goodbye) to us with her last drop of tear, but we all knew that she did not leave us. She just transformed into a lovely (或者是 beautiful) angel, and continued to live on in another world..


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    記得 Passed away 要加 ed 喔


    pass away 是不成立的

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    用 left 或 gone 的話很容易混淆

    因為 left 以及 gone 也都有實體的離開的意思

    所以光是說 she left 或 she's gone 是無法得知是死了還是只是人離開該處而已

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    Then she’s gone. With her last tears, she sent farewell to us.


    We all know she is not actually leaving.


    But just becoming a lovely angel, she can fly and dance in another world.

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  • Tracy
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    Then, she left, and said good-bye to us by her last pearl of eyes. But we all know, she didn't leave from us. She just became a beautiful angel who kept flying in the other world.


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    die的另一個說法是pass away

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    However, she took the end with her last tears.

    We all know her leave didn't mean she depart from us.

    Now, she becomes a beautiful angel and dances in the wind on and on.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She's gone.She said goodbye to us with the last tears.

    All of us know that she didn't leave us alone.

    Now she is becoming a beautiful angel and dancing in another world.

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    "Hence, she walked, using the tears of her end, taking leave us. But we all know, she didn't leave us, she just changed beautiful angel, continuing to dance in the wind at another a world. "

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