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    The bond attaches buys back the transaction abbreviation is RP

    (Re-Purchase), refers to the investor to buy into the bond to a card,

    and the agreement will buy back the original bond in the future

    specific date by a card by the certain price. At present the

    transaction convention does not pick the present ticket payment, but

    (storage strip) substitutes by the bond savings passbook, commends

    rights and interests of the investor. The affiliation attaches by the

    bond buys back the transaction, the investor may the fund which leaves

    unused do the nimble dispatch, not only may earn the stable interest

    income, also a household may exempt the class interest income tax.

    The bond attaches sells the transaction abbreviation is RS (Reverse

    Re-Purchase), when in the investment manpower grasps the bond which

    has to be worth having for a long time, when also has the short-term

    call for fund, may the bond temporarily sell to the hand in a card to

    melt passes the fund, and the agreement future the specific date will

    agree the price to sell by a card the bond for the original bond

    possessor. The affiliation attaches by the bond sells the transaction,

    the investor not only may gain low cost the fund, and may the

    arbitrage earn raises the ticket the favorable difference.

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