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迷人 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




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    The person I admire is Ke Sih-Hai who owns 256 real estates and 26 companies. He also spends 4 million on keeping stray dogs every month. Ke has devoted himself to the protection of the stray dogs since he escaped from a kidnapped because of a stray dog. To protest against a public organization killing the stray dogs, Ke even hired a group of people making phone calls to the organization continuously to congeal its telephone system. He is named the Protest King because he protested against various issues including the protection of stray dogs and the rudeness of media reporters. Moreover, he also helped citizens to lobby on a variety of cases. He usually held two plecards saying the issues he wanted to protest at some places where medias appeared. Sometimes, he even brought some chickens, cows and goats to the front of the court. He yelled out, "Protest! Protest!" to uncover the unfairness of the jurisdiction. The court was just like his office and Taiwanese saw him on TV almost everyday. I like him because of his love for the stray dogs and his enthusiasm to help others.

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