Could you reword this...?

Its a project for my class but i am having a tough time...

Please help!!!

What I am asking is to reword this phrase by using other words that would convey the same meaning...

The phrase is this>>>> "The Real Thing"


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    U need a phrase not a subject?

    "The Authentic Object"

    "The Factual Artifact"

    "The Valid Subject"

    Other synonyms for "Thing" are: Piece, Substance, Subject,concept, concern,Stuff, Article"

    Other synonyms for "Real" are: absolute, actual, authentic, bodily, bona fide, certain, concrete, corporal, corporeal, de facto, embodied, essential, evident, solid, stable"

    (Pick a best Answer Plz :)

  • Authentic

  • 1 decade ago

    The Real Thing:

    An unknown value of n in the range (-∞, +∞)

    That would be a "thing" (n) in the set of Real numbers, hence "The Real Thing"

    (This is for a math class, right?)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this is the mathematics section. please post your question in the language section.

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