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About the book "The Subtle Knife"..?

about chapter 13, 14

If what Ruta Skadi says is true, how could Lord Asriel have created it in the time coveres in these books?

What do we call Cliff Ghasts?

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    The Subtle Knife


    Summary: The Subtle Knife

    In The Subtle Knife, readers are introduced to William Parry, a young boy living in our world's equivalent of Winchester, England. Only twelve years old, Will bears the responsibility of an adult. Following the disappearance of his explorer-father, John Parry, Will became parent, provider, and protector to his mentally ill mother. In protecting his mother not only from imagined threats of her illness but also a true threat to the family's safety, Will unintentionally murders a man robbing his house in order to find a series of letters from his missing father and finds himself on the run to Oxford to uncover the true whereabouts of his father. More…..



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