How long does it take to ship shoes from Canada to Australia?

I bought shoes from a girl in Canada, and they were sent at the beginning of September. Nowe its the end of November and I'm getting worried. The tracking number said it cleared Canada and is en route to Australia as of September 18. Would the site (canada post) tell me when it arrived in Australia? Should i be worried that it is taking this long? Thanks for your help :)


They arrived today! I knew as soon as i asked a question they'd arrive! how ironic!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, Canada Post would let you know through your tracking number if it has arrived in Australia and has been received by the recipient.

    Check the site again with your tracking number and see where it is now. If you're concerned about anything, personally call Canada Post and tell them what happened. They'll be able to help you for sure.

    (Hopefully though that the package sent was insured in case of any loss or damage so that it could be covered).

    Source(s): I've had this happen before and Canada Post will assist you.
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