What does it mean when you have wireless LAN?

I just bought a computer that says that I have wireless LAN. I have it plugged in to my computer. does anyone know what that is? What can i use it for? help anyone??

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    wireless lan or wlan is just a local network. local area network

    It is just another way to network. I use it to transfer files, print to printers on other computers and to share a single internet connection. I also play computer games against family over the network.

  • 1 decade ago

    WLAN or wireless local area network. It is one of the connection type that you can connect to your modem or router in order to get on to the internet.

    It is a wireless connection. You can be a any place and get connected to the internet without those cables hook up on your computer to the modem/router. So long, as you computer is able to detect the signal of the wireless network then your up to internet.

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    What Does Wlan Mean

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