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were can i find nhl goaltender mask?

were can i find a nhl goaltender mask i peffer Martin Brodeurs helmet

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    ebay or nhl.com. there is a lot of stuff that is made just for the nhl'ers and if not used the stuff usually goes to a local hockey shop(we have Hockey World where i live) where it is sold to the public. we have bought a lot of nhl items this way. the stuff in the stores may have the players name on it but for general public purchases, the items differ just a bit from the nhl used items. right now we have 3 sticks and one pair of skates that were made for nhl official use.

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    4 years ago

    I like Jon Quick's from the kings, he has two. One is a grey metal design, and the other is a retro goalie mask design with hair and ears painted on it. Being a Flyers fan i like Bryzgalovs masks. The "We the people" and the siberian tiger mask are both nice. And the guy who painted them is saying he will have a special mask for the winter classic. Vokouns new mask for the capitals is pretty cool to, but i only saw it while watching the game yesterday.

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    You may need to buy the mask you want and get it personalized how you want it done. I spent a couple minutes searching for something but everything comes up just team specific paint jobs, not goalie specific.

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    Try NHL.com

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