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I'm looking for this game called wagon train 1848. Does anyone know were to find it?

It's kind of old.I played this game at school on a older style of a mac. So I looked it up every where and found nothing. Any information would make me very happy. :)



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    Wagon Train 1848 was an older version of Oregon Trail. I'm not sure if the old version is still around, but Oregon Trail is. They've made 4 versions of Oregon Trail (the most recent being Oregon Trail IV), so look for that. Hope this helps.

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  • 5 years ago

    Actually "Wagon Train 1848" was the first version of Oregon Trail of Apple's Macintosh computers. It was released at the same time as the Mac version of the Oregon Trail, but it was only available to schools.

    I was one of the Mac Developers on Wagon Train 1848/Oregon Trail. They shipped in 1990/1991.

    They were identical except for the fact that Wagon Train 1848 was designed to be networked with multiple computers and perfect for a school setting. Networking on personal computers was finally into the schools with AppleTalk and PhoneNet networking.

    It added some other elements as you could trade with other Wagons and your entire Wagon Train had to stay together, so if one was slower or had more issues, the others had to help.

    Apple Computer funded a large part of Wagon Train 1848 to be available for the schools. They wanted to push networking computer labs together.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Wagon Train 1848 came after Oregon Trail. It was multiplayer on Macintosh Computers using a LocalTalk environment. I don't believe it was ever available commercially. Your school was part of a pilot program with Apple and you were lucky to have experienced a LAN party in the 80's.

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