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I'm planning to visit Manila, Phillipines in Feb 2008. Any suggestions/ideas on places to visit/shop?

Is Feb the best time to visit? My friend & me are looking for a short holiday break, 4 days. Is there any local travel agent that provides a day tour around the city? Any recommendations? We are open to any ideas.


What is the easiest way to travel within Manila? By MRT?

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    i think feb. is the best time to visit, the climate is cooler than it is the rest of the year, the later months (aka "ber" months) are just too rainy. april may june and july is too hot. jan, feb and march are the months when the wind carries the cold wind from the neighboring countries where snow is melting so its pleasant in the mornings... tolerable in the afternoons and chilly at night....... most foreigners complain about the heat. well, its a tropical city so that is what you have to expect.

    as for destinations, manila, makati, quezon city, and ortigas is the main components of this urban jungle.

    filipinos are well known for being mall rats. so, if shopping is your passion and you have a thing for exploring bargains and cheap sales, metro manila is the place to go.

    makati is considered to be the most tourist friendly. there was a time when americans were like "whoa. hey look, it's an american..." but now... theyre starting to become a daily part of our lives that foreigners are just... well there... so no frets about being bothered....

    manila... unless you have a filipino friend who can tour you around, stay out of it. think of it as... downtown. although manila bay, mall of asia (2nd biggest mall in the world after the one in thailand), binondo (aka china town) and divisoria (flea market) are one of our local hotspots there.

    ortigas is the business center and quezon city is well... lets just say... (my personal) comfort zone.

    if rest and relaxation is what your looking for....

    beaches- puerto galera and boracay and cebu is your best bet.

    mountain scenery- laguna, tagaytay and bagiuo is waaaaay cooler than the city temp.

    hot springs (aka swimming pools with relaxing hot waters) - laguna. definitely.

    now for transportation...

    jeepney is definitely the cheapest. and it's world famous. lol. you cant visit the phillipines without riding a jeepney. although its hot, dusty and in some cases packed tight.

    tricycle. (ah, my american cousin's favorite.)

    my cousins loves the tricycle... although you can only ride them mostly in residencial areas... but over all theyre fun to ride...

    train system- its simply a matter of knowing where to alight. all three of our train systems are inter connected via a station. so, if your staying in manila and you wanna go to makati or vice versa, train is your best bet. they're cheap, theyre fast, and the ladies car is seperated from the guys car. if you have any problems all you gotta do is ask a personnel from the ticket booth or a security guard and sure as hell, they'll be climbing against each other to help you out. they'll even bring out the big kahuna... (manager). :D

    taxi- fairly ok... a bit expensive for some people, but hey, if you wanna get somewhere and your too tired to walk, this is your ride.

    busses- this is best when your going long distance. like bagiuo or batangas. aside from that, dont bother. (stick with the trains.)

    ok... i've covered the basics... i think... ah wait,

    language: no frets in this dept. the phillipines is the SECOND largest english speaking country in the WORLD. second only to america, so, the whole language barrier thing? is almost none existant here.

    technology: filipinos are technogeeks. were dubbed as the txting capital of the world. almost everyone here has a cellphone, a camera and internet cafes are left and right. but fair warning. keep your techie items and impt. stuff in a safe place at ALL times. this might be a place where foreigners are treated as demigods, but that still doesn't stop a few robberies from time to time.

    clothing: wear light clothes. bring a jacket or two. but mostly light clothes. expect sweating. the coldest time for us here is considered the hottest day for americans in california.

    well... that pretty much wraps most of it up...

    hey if you have anymore questions, feel free to add me as a contact and bug me... and contact me if you guys decide to go through... i'll tour you around for free... i'm free around feb anyway since its my birthday and im on break from my college...

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    Cebu is one of the local destination here in the Philippines. It just about 45-minute plane travel from Manila. It is located on the Visayas Island. It is next to Manila when it comes to commercial and financial services. It has beautiful beaches and historical places to visit. Less crowded not much traffic compared to Manila.

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    Honestly, it's virtually impossible to "visit" Manila, especially for 4 days. The traffic is so bad that getting around town is next to impossible and there isn't much to see in the first place.

    I recommend you think about spending your 4 days in Cebu City. You can reach it by both international and domestic flights. You'll have a much better experience there than in Manila. Plenty to see and do too.

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    I'm not fun of Manila...but you can drop by at Mall of Asia to shop and beside MOA is so near at the airport ...oh Market Market is also good...then after that just go to the nearby provinces...I wish you could check Baguio, Cebu, Palawan...

    For more choices check here

    Enjoy and have fun...

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    It is,warm climate during that time.We have a lot of Travel Agency who handled day tour in the city even in a nearby provinces to enjoy the scenery and to see the Filipino way of life. I can give you more idea with your quiries just let me know or you can email me. I can even make an itinerary for you to avoid waste of time. What do you think?

    You may need my service,I am a licensed tourist guide here and doin it partime for i have more things been doin in my life.<wink>

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    LUCKKKY!!!! i soo wanna go back to the philippines i luv it there because my family lives there but yeah uhmmm i guess you can have tour gides there because many people visit =] have fun!

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    x1m0n says: ahem.. i can be your local tour guide. free of charge!

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