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what are some things that a good skateboard should have? like what materials should the deck be made out of? and anything else that makes a good skateboard.

also if anyone knows of a skateboard that has a cool design i would really like to see it.

thanks in advance

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    Most of the name brand decks are generally the same they're about 7 or 8 ply (meaning it has 7 or 8 layers) which is standard. If you don't have a big budget you can look into getting copeland blanks or any skate shop that has any blanks which are usually pretty good.

    Also some brands have different concave than other brands meaning the curvature of the board. I've stopped skating but from what i last remember was only the brand chocolate barely had any concave on the board. something to just look out for and feel. Definitely based on preference though because some people like more concaved and some dont.

    Make sure you get trucks as they are pretty important aspect of the board. Again it really depends on preference here. Weight-wise Independent trucks are the heaviest and im not really sure what brand now are the lightest but it used to be venture. Also try to avoid Grindkings because of the tool they require is not a normal skate tool and once you grind on the kingpin you can be really screwed because itll mess up the threads and from there it'll be really hard to tighten your trucks.

    Wheels dont really matter so much, just get what you like, unless you want smaller wheels then get smaller ones.

    Bearings are pretty important but not something you have to spend a hell of a lot of money on. You dont want some crappy abec 3 bearings that are cheap china manufactured as those can easily break and wont really get you much speed, i would probbaly recommend getting the bone reds which are only about 30 bucks for really good pair of bearings.

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    Element Volcom Plan B Osiris Girl Zero Almost Enjoi Baker. are the best brands trucks Tensor Independent Element Silver Venture Destrukto Krux Spider Grind King Phantom bearings bones speeddemons shortys blind shoes dc fallen element es vans emerica circa etnies adio globe dvs nike skateboarding 6.0

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    umm skateboard shoes a road or park a life a pasion for skateboarding and not being afraid of busting your butt then your on the road to being a pro oh and the skateboard thing i have no idea what theyre made out of i just say a wooden skateboard lol

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    you want good wheels

    which ever deck feels the best to you

    pretty loose trucks(you can do that by yourself)

    get top of the line bearings

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  • that new pink yellow n green sheckler board looks good but i dont got 1 mite get 1 next week cuz my board bout to crack anyways

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    i have skated many different types of boards and what i can say is i like the element fiber lights and helium's. They are light boards and have good shape and form. They are also steady and do not break.

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    well if u see the ryan sheckler board the one wth the black and white not the skulls ad i like reds bearings and sum nike sb and a lot of practice

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