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Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin?

Ok so i have a dirty dishwater blonde hair and blue eyes (they get really light in the light). I'm kinda sick of my hair color and i dont want to go lighter, but i dont want really dark either. *I've always loved dark hair and blue eyes* Would you do lowlights or coloring. And with my hair color what brown would you choose?

This is what i look like


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    go to a reputable stylist in your area and start out by trying lowlights in a toffee shade to see how you like going darker. a great stylist can make it look very natural. if you like it or decide you'd like to go darker it will be easier to do so as opposed to going dark overall, not liking it, and having to either live with it or shell out alot of time and money to strip it. the best way to find an awesome hair stylist is to ask someone whose hair you love and ask them! that's how i found my hair stylist and i've been with her for 15 years and i've gotten my whole family to go to her. a bit pricey but well worth it = )

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    Try going with a darker brown. Not really dark but more of a medium brown color :) Your eyes will really stand out and look amazing

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    Ya I like the dark hair with blue eyes too lol. I think you should go for a very light or medium brown. It would look really cute!

    Hope this helped! :)

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    I really think you would look good with an Auburn Red or an Auburn brown.

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    id have to say dark brown altho you dont liek dark it will make your beutiful blue eyes pop and be really notisable

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    I would get Aburn colored, coloring. Lowlites and Highlights look too fake.

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