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Is there a chemical I can spray on my 3 pce suite to stop my cat from scratching and ripping it? Desperate!!?

She is starting to use the suite as a scratch pole. I want to stop this.

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    My roommate and I have three cats in our apartment, and we have had great luck with a citrus spray we found at Target in their pet section. You can probably get it in most of the big chain pet stores like Petsmart or Petco. Cats don't like citrus, especially strong like lemon. When you're choosing one, make sure to smell it yourself before you buy it to make sure that it's pretty strong. It doesn't last forever, but you could definitely use it first thing in the morning after you put the suit on. When you're not wearing it, make sure that it is stored somewhere that your cat can't get to it., or put it in a zippered garment bag to protect it.

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    Do you mean 3-piece suit like man's clothing or 3-piece suite like a set of bedroom furniture?

    If it's the thing you wear, just put it somewhere the cat can't get to it. If it's furniture, buy a nice scratching post or one of those kitty condos and a bag of catnip. Once a week, get a little of the catnip and rub it all over the scratching post. Then spray whatever you don't want scratched with apple bitters. It's an organic cat repellant, you can buy it at Petsmart and other stores.

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    They make things you can spray on furniture but they don't work very well. You can buy "Soft Paws" at places like Petco, they are little plastic tips you glue onto the cats paws so she can't damage your things. They do not hurt the cat if you follow instructions. When my bad kitty jumps or scratches in the wrong place I spray a little water at her and say NO. Also be sure to provide her a real scratching post.

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    1. Get her a real scratch pole and train her to use it.

    2. Close the closet door.

    3. You can put double sided tape on your suit.

    4. You can spray it with bitter apple spray.

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    I used a spray called Cat Away and the cats hate the smell of it, but not sure the smell lasts too long.

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    Buy her a good quality scratching post and when she starts scratching the chairs just pick her up and move her to it. She'll soon discover that the post works better than the sofa.

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    sorry but i have never herd of any thing like that and i have the same problem with 10 cats.

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