Becoming a Roman Catholic?

I am interested in becoming a Roman Catholic. Can anybody (Roman Catholics are obviously welcomed!) where to begin? I haven't a clue!!

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    If you are interested in joining or just learning more about the Catholic Church, contact your local parish and ask about information about their RCIA Inquiry group.

    You can go and ask any questions you want.

    This is the first step in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) but you can stop at any time.

    There is no obligation to become a Catholic.

    With love and prayers in Christ.

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    just go to a Roman Catholic church speak to the priest that u want to become a Roman Catholic. there's no so big problem to become one, first u have to get the christening (baptism) which will make u officially a Roman Catholic, this a ceremony in which the priest will throw some blessed water on ur head. After that u will need to do your First Communion and an other ceremony(which i don't know its name in English) and so u are then an official adult Roman Catholic. Sooo easy!

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    As a Practising Catholic i don't particularly like Pope Benedict but he must have something as he was pick to be pope. As for Tony Blair his wife has been a Catholic & the question i would be asking is :- Why did he have to wait until he left Labour to turn? The only answer i can give myself is we are run by a prodistent Goverment & he would have been thrown out of office if he turned before! If in your heart you want to become a Roman Catholic then you do it. I left the church for 5 years & know that i am back i feel much better within myself. If you want to talk just mail my.

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    You'll want to enroll in RCIA. Classes generally start in September or/and May, but you can call a local Catholic Church and ask about it.

    In the meantime, you can and should go to Mass as often as you can (we have it daily) and you might consider reading some great books, like "What Catholics Really Believe" and "Rome Sweet Home" and "Catholicism for Dummies" and "The How-To Book of the Mass."

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  • jtease
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    Visit your local Catholic church in your area. If you attend their masses every Sunday. They ususally give out church bulletins with alot of information on them. Also go to those Catholic churches that have private schools with them for they usually have schools for people that want to be baptized into the Catholic Church or haven't received all their rites & sacraments yet. You will attend religion classes RCIA classes.

    Source(s): I am Catholic.
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    Look for a local catholic church. Preferably on Bingo night or Casino night.

    Then go in and ask the priest that should be somewhere near the person calling out the bingo numbers or the craps table, how would the lord feel about tossing down some bets and winning some cash in his house.

    Think about what you want. Really. Give it some serious thought.

  • Daver
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    Go to the local Catholic parish and talk to one of the priests there. He will help you enter the Church's R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) Program.

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    you have it wrong its the Protestants who want your money just turn on your TV you know the 100 fold increase the law of 6 and 7 the law of reporcosity and so on and just drop by one of the local evangelical churches they will fill you in. In some case's you get back a thousand fold.

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    Start with Revelation 17.

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    Contact your local priest and ask him about RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). These are the classes that will teach you the Catholic faith.

    God bless you and welcome home!

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