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Atheists, if we didn't evolve from monkeys, why do Creationists still say Evolution claims we did?

Warning: This is another undrink question....


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    Because they don't understand it.

    Undrinking now...Cheers!

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    i do not clarify this stuff - i'm an atheist, no longer a scientist. in case you opt for actual solutions, visit the technological knowledge section - what you're asking isn't a non secular count. yet i grant you with this a lot to start with. human beings did not evolve from monkeys and the muse of existence is a diverse technological knowledge to evolution. yet then I doubt you're asking because you truly opt for to carry close... it truly is alright to assert "i do not comprehend". it truly isn't any longer alright to fill contained in the hollow with a fairy tale.

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    The answer is very simple. It is because creationists do nothing but mindlessly regurgitate anything and everything they hear that makes evolution sound bad, regardless of whether it is true and regardless of how many times its falsehood has been explained to them. Saying that evolution claims we came from monkeys makes evolution sound bad, so they say it. Over and over again. That's all they need to know.

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    If anyone religious or not does the research in science. They will understand that things are to complex to have just evolved. I'll even give them a hundred billion years. It doesn't change the facts. All i say to people is take a little time and truly look into things.

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  • People who assert that evolution claims such a thing don't understand evolution at all.

    I shudder to imagine the undrinking process...

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    Sheeesh, how many times do I have to explain this?

    We did come from monkeys.

    The sister group of the apes is the Old World monkeys. The apes have evolutionary novelties that distinguish them from monkeys, but there are no evolutionary novelties that distinsguish monkeys from apes. Monkeys are a paraphyletic group that gave rise to the apes (including ourselves).

    The nearest common ancestor of humans and apes was an ape.

    The nearest common ancestor of humans, apes, and monkeys was a monkey.

    The nearest common ancestor of humans, apes, monkeys, and fish was a fish.

    Got it?

    Source(s): A third-generation freethinker
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    Because those who believe in the evolutionist religion are embarassed by their own beliefs. Actually the science books I have read say that billions of years ago, nothing exploded and caused all the planets and then life came from a rock...

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    Because, sadly, fallacies and misconceptions do not evolve to better fit circumstances. Yet they survive anyway...

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    Creationists have no credibility in Scientific discussions. It doesn't matter what they say.

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    Because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

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