watch avatar book 3 chapter 12?

i cant seem to get it on watch does anyone know if i can get it somewhere else or is it on the avatar site now?

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    ok heres the deal I've been checking on this for weeks any website that has said they have it or it has been leaked is lying

    nowhere has this episode been leaked the only thing which is still questionable is the plot of the episode has been leaked but otherwise no video has been released on the internet as of yet if you want a good site to watch the episodes i would suggest they have everything for the most part just type in either the name of the episode or the book and chapter and if you would like the so called plot of the episode here it is

    " After the failure of the full moon invasion, Aang and what is left of his team take refuge in the Western Air temple, which is known as the place of training for the Women Air Nomads and was supposedly the first target of the fire nation when the war began 100 years ago because of its closeness. Aang remembers the first impression he had when seeing the Southern Air Temple invaded and devastated by the fire nation and believes it will be the same at the Western Air Temple, but to his surprise, this place is completely intact, as if they even inhabited it, Momo even finds other lemurs - flying like him. Teo remembers that the Northern Air Temple where he lives, was abandoned when his town first arrived there and it was not until they were based there that the fire nation found the place. Reason suggests perhaps that it had been abandoned before the attack of Ozai. Aang seriously questions what really happened with his people and begins to cross the temple ring to obtain answers. While they advance, somebody is observing them between the shades.

    While ours heroes discover the secrets of the true disappearance of the Air Nomads, Iroh has met with the secret society of the White Lotus to carry out a plan that, being briefly explained, has been devised since his brother obtained power and was also reviewed in the secret meeting in the episode “the Desert” to cooperate against the followers of Firelord Ozai to recover the throne that by birth right belonged to Iroh. When he was exiled, the mother of Zuko revealed the truth to Iroh from the beginning, and is the reason why Iroh has pretended to be old and good natured this whole time with the hope of suspicions never rising against him. In this reunion, some well-known characters can be recognized who in reality were members of the Secret society of the White Lotus, in which specifies Jeong Jeong, the old one that helped Iroh and Zuko in “the Desert” and Ursa, the mother of Zuko who has always been protected by the secret society.

    Returning to the Air temple, Sokka suggests that it is probable that all the Air Nomads did not have to be in the temples when the fire nation attacked, because it is well known that the air nomads were always taking constant trips and this gives Aang hopes that perhaps some might still be alive and might be hiding inside. In order to obtain answers, they go to the secret chamber that all the Air Temples have. Nevertheless, before he could open it, Zuko is before them and Toph exclaims that it would be wise that he get going. Everybody attacks him and although Zuko defends himself well with his swords, he is caught and contained. Nobody trusts him for obvious reasons, although Zuko insists that he is different now and proposes to teach the Avatar Firebending, which they take as a lie, which is the reason why they keep him prisoner and are in possession of his swords. Zuko does not offer resistance in an attempt to demonstrate humility on his part. Aang opens the door of the chamber and when entering it, finds painted on the walls a series of figures that illustrate what appears to be a secret technique of the Airbenders, so devastating that it is considered prohibited: Climate-Control. Aang says that like basic air, he understands how to do it, but fears its consequences. Also it is inferred by the mural that a method exists to recover the Avatar State that Aang lost, but unfortunately, only the Air bending masters have this knowledge. Toph detects a secret chamber, which they open and inside they find a map of the air nation that describes all the locations to be inhabited by the Air Nomads, between which it emphasizes, all of the temples known up till this moment, and a secret monastery where the air nomads presumably have been hiding all these years, which gives Aang greater hopes to find some of his people.

    Nevertheless, his happiness is interrupted by an airship and Air ballons of the fire nation led by Azula, which remembers the fury of her father for disgracing him by lying about the death of the Avatar and as punishment was ordered to follow him and to end him along with her treacherous brother. All those that can fight are thrown into battle and do what they can to contain them. They hold onto Zuko because of distrust, but he advises them to escape. During the battle, Toph is wounded and is protected by Sokka, to which she later kisses him in gratitude, and makes sure he is the one who receives the kiss. During the battle, Azula and Aang fight in the armor of a ship, they battle and Aang seems to be losing although Azula strangely uses her powers moderately. But then Zuko appears and he attacks Azula Furiously, making her a little nervous and back down. Azula is cornered by Zuko and Aang, but the ship makes a sudden movement that causes a distraction, which Azula takes advantage of to send a powerful flame to Aang but Zuko intervenes and disperses the flames so that they provoke an uncontrolled fire. The ship begins to explode by the gas that maintains it afloat, which was the reason why Azula avoided the use of much fire in her attacks. Seeing the danger, Aang escapes in his Glider saving Zuko and tries to do the same for Azula, but is too late for her. Azula is surrounded by explosions and the airship collapses in flames to the abyss.

    After the victory, they welcome Zuko to the group, and being afraid of new attacks they leave the Temple in search of a place that’s safer to begin training Aang Firebending.

    Nevertheless, someone mysteriously appears that had been observing them and emerges between the shades, revealing a young woman of unknown aspect that, once Appa disappears in the horizon, takes a staff which becomes a Glider and takes flight in their direction, which portrays her like an Airbender but mysteriously without its tattoos."

    hope i helped im sorrry i know this Isn't the answer you wanted but neither do I

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    1 decade ago is not working properly at the moment. They claim to have Avatar book 3 chapter 12 at this date. However, it was not there when I checked earlier. however, claims to have it at November 30 which is on Friday. Another site to check is

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    it will probably be on by the 30th. watch-avatar is down because they are either busy or switching servers or updating their site or what-not. but has a whole summary and complete spoiler of the episode. and let me tell u the episode it so cool! if you want to know more just go there. but says they'll have it most possibly by the 30th. also it is not up on any of these sites yet, but i would keep checking every so often.

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    Yup, here you go:

    It won't be out until Nov. 30, but keep checking back in case it's up.

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  • 1 decade ago will have it Nov 30!

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    What a great question

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