child abuse?

what do you consider to be child abuse?

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    Child abuse is a deliberate act which harms or places a child at risk of harm whether it be physical, mental, sexual or otherwise.

    The NSPCC's definition of child neglect.

    Failure to provide a child's basic needs (eg food, warm clothing etc); Leaving children alone or unsupervised; Failure to provide love or affection.

    There is however a big difference between bad parenting practise and child abuse.

    Child abuse is a deliberate act which harms or places a child at risk of harm whether it be physical, mental, sexual or otherwise.

    Shouting at another parent or role model is not abuse towards the child it is bad parenting practise.

    Source(s): Child Protection Officer
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    After raising four children and being a Grandparent. I consider child abuse as extreme punishment. Like hitting a child in the head or using an object other than a hand on the butt. I also consider verbal abuse, name calling, putting the child down for making a mistake like not doing school work well and being called a dummy, or wetting the bed and being made fun of. Critizing your child in front of other children or in public. There are many forms of child abuse. Having a child do adult jobs like excessive cleaning or babysitting there siblings. Think before you act. Count to ten. Take a time out yourself.

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    it varies because you can spank a child without it being child abuse if you leave a bruise now that is abuse. any thing sexual towards a child is abuse. and degrading a child making the child feel worthless is abuse but lets not forget that hitting and screaming at the other parent or adult rolemodle in front of the child or where the child is in hearing range is abuse too.

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    Child abuse would be physical abuse where you hit,slap,punch, kick or hurt a child in anyway with your body and then there's sexual abuse ( child molestation) that's where a person of any kind parent,uncle or aunt, grandpa or grandma touch a child in any sexual way on they're body or allow others too there's also emotional abuse and neglect

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    Maybe im too late. But in the one answer excessive cleaning and babysitting siblings is I was doing dishes, mopping, sweeping, etc. by eleven. My brothers also had to do chores. How is making a child learn how to clean up a mess abuse? One time, my parents left me at my moms friends house because i was grounded but they still wanted to take my brothers to the air show. I did chores all day. You know what? Im glad. Whatever i did, i never did it again. Not that i remember, at least.

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    i feel like abuse could be anything physically,mentally or sexually to harm a child however i feel spanking is not; beating and leaving a sign yes but a good firm pop on the rear is not that's my beliefs. God Bless!!

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    sexual abuse could be something as simple as sexual comments or of course anything more than that, emotional abuse could be negative constant insults or anything worse, and physical abuse can be anything that can cause pain or marks on a child. if i feel like my niece or nephew need a "spanking" i simply lightly hit their hand and eventhough it doesnt hurt them it does get the message through. since i never hit them, when i actually do smack their hand it really shocks them and then they know that i mean business.

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    Definitely over punishment. Child abuse is a serious crime. There are different kinds though.

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    I survived child abuse...

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    Well lets see....What wouldn't you want someone to do to you??? No start with that!

    Abuse takes the form of physical, mental, and emotional realms.

    I think we could all take a note from what people taught us in the past, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Source(s): Just think about it people, it's not that hard.
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