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Alice(programming) question?

im trying to write a program where alice is chasing a cat. However if he disappears she stops searching for him. I have all of it down except that if she sees him before he disappears the she runs to him even if he disappears in the middle (i.e. the programkeeps running until the end) I want her to stop running to him the second he disappears. how do i do this?


it is the alice program. you know the one that makes it easy for idiots

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    to get help here you need to let the people know what you programming language you using

    EDIT: yea thats not a good sign if they making it easy for idoits and your on here asking questions but like the guy above me said you'll need somebody to actually see what your doing

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    this would be impossible to answer unless someone was there there with you looking at your code honey

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