I'm thinking of making that big leap from a PC to an Apple iMAC. What do you think?

In additon to using it for standard tasks such as web surfing, MS Office tools, etc, I'm getting into video editing, music, photos and all things creative. It seems anything creative is better done on a MAC. MAC just seems more cutting edge. Would love to hear some opinions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    macs are good... i recently made the switch.

    my advice: know your ****.

    macs are powerful computers, but oftentimes their users arent.

    i do audio and video as well as software development on both platforms. pc users are a bit better about knowing why this or that happened. mac users are pretty much.."it just does it" and if something goes wrong they usually expect a plugin or some other extension software to fix it for them.

    this is especially true if you intend to do higher end multitrack audio and video stuff where youll be using more outboard hardware for realtime work (ie: final cut, protools HD, reason, etc..) where individual configuration tweaks can have a vast effect on the overall performance..

  • John L
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    1 decade ago

    You question is like a dream come true. Check out the article I just read concerning Leopard from Tom's. These guys do far better reviews than CNET, and use better references. Mind you, their grammar and spelling could use some work.

    If you're getting into serious video, music, and photo editing, but not professional, I'd probably put together my own desktop and put Ubuntu on it. With a few quick clicks you can gain access to repositories with excellent precompiled software to perform all of the above.

    P.S. Mac is far from cutting edge. Most of its hardware is in fact obsolete. Don't buy it just because you saw it on TV. Ask anyone recommending a Mac to cite a reliable reference. Also, a MAC usually refers to something else. Mac is an abbreviation, not an acronym.

  • Cirric
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    1 decade ago

    Hi. I have never owned a MAC but will get one someday just to see what makes it 'tick'.

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