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On windows live spaces there is something that says...?

On windows live spaces there is something that says for the visitor tools

it says add to my msn...

does it mean then anyone can add me? but I don't really want that...

so what do I do?

or how do I cancel a windows live space account?

Thanks if you can tell me!


It doesn't matter but answer if you want the 2 points anyway and if you're lucky u will get the 10 points of course!

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    windows live space is a service relatedto a windows live or hotmail account

    you delete all stuff from the space and close the account

    in your windows live hotmail


    more options

    manage your account

    view and edit your personal information

    then on the account settings page


    and then on the right you'll find "close account"

    it will be available other 120 days and then it will be cancelled definitely

    you can also go to the settings of your space and go to permissions

    set up that only the contacts of your MSn allow list can see your space ..

    that might help..

    I hope I helped you

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    Sorry I don't know anything about that. I don't go on Windows Live Spaces a lot just some times. The only thing I do on there is add pictures and post blogs but that is only when I feel like it. I don't know how to cancel a account with Windows Live Spaces or that visitors thing your talking about. Sorry I can't be of any help.

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    you can do it, through add and remove

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