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What does the future hold for Eli Manning?

I just read this article and found it pretty interesting:

It also prompted me to ask if any of you think Eli will ever have, what could be considered a "Great" career in the NFL? Forget for a moment that his last name is Manning and grade him just as another QB in the league. What has he shown us of his potential in his short career?


Mike--Praying for Tommy Maddox to play?! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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    I think Eli has just as good a skill set as Peyton but the story is dead on with the body language.

    I remember when Peyton first came in the league and showed the same "aw shucks" reactions when he would make a mistake. It used to piss me off to no end (I remember telling my wife that we should have drafted Leaf). It took Peyton about 2 years to get past that and realize that he had to be the leader and the "spark".

    Who knows if Eli will ever get there. Watching his college career and flashes in the NFL tells me that he has the talent. But he needs to get it out of his head that he's got to be the one that keeps his team calm. Sure there's a time for that, but it's not after throwing 3 td's to the opposing defense.

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    New York media is brutal. Lets look at Rivers, Alex Smith, or even Joey Harrington.

    Eli is a better pure passer than any of these guys. Does he make mistakes sure. But what people are forgetting is that Eli was able to throw back to back 24 TD seasons in '05 - '06. The Giants also made the playoffs last season.

    Clearly living with the New York media doesn't help him any. A mistake is blown up so that papers sell and espn analysts have something to talk about.

    Do the Giants make the playoffs again this season? The odds say yes.

    Do not use his game against MIN as a benchmark for his level of play. I do believe though that in that game MIN exploited his biggest problem, handling the pass rush.

    He tends to try to get rid of the ball sometimes so to avoid a hit and even forces the ball instead letting his D take over in good position.

    Their is a learning curve for everyone, its hard for Eli since everyone compares him to his brother who prbly is one of the best in history.

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    Just like Tiki said, Eli doesn't have any leadership skills. He was a decent college quarterback. He's a last name and that's pretty much it for Eli. He will never have a "great" career in the NFL. The game is too fast for him, it's so noticeable to see that he's way in over his head when he's on the field. Good guy, great family, but not a great NFL quarterback.

    He will eventually get traded, whether it be at the end of this year or next, it will happen and he will be someone's back-up until he decides to call it quits.

    Good question.

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    Would you give a real Giants fan, a chance?

    Payton Manning is heading to Canton, right? (have all these yahoos on here, forgotten that he threw 6 INTs on national TV just a few weeks ago, in a loss?) Eli threw picks, right? Is he at fault, because the Colts tackled the defensive players running the other way, after these picks more often than the defeated & more lackluster Giants? Nevertheless...

    Let me put this in a pop-culture context.. if you've seen the Spiderman movies, you know that with 'great power, comes great responsibility'. And even the one with that talent, can twist with how & when to stand out... how to fit in, when and if he can lead... and Eli's got the mental twisting going as the little brother of the one of the NFL's all-time greatest QBs (which he'll be, doubtless in the future). That's what we're talking about here, right.. the future... so:

    Manning will have a strong finish to this season, and both ESPN and the NFL media will tout that the New York Giants have IN FACT made the postseason 3-years in a row FOR THE 1st TIME in their long history. THAT is saying something, because they're not doing it on defense (takeaways, DEF TDs nor consistent DL pressure), nor special teams... and they're not controlling the ball... they also are WR starved with a gimpy Burress (who has not practiced ALL season long, by the way.. not once). Armani Toomer can catch the ball, but he's not sharp with passing routes. It's great to have a Shockey, but he loses concentration & actually drops passes in big spots (a lot) - which is incredibly frustrating to watch. But, I'm just watching... it has to be tougher, on the guy throwing the ball...

    I'm a realist about Manning. But, see the truth about him -- he's a nice 1st round pick and a legitimate NFL QB. He had Tiki running left, right, center to take pressure off, before this season.. and he's got a very limited running game this year. Yet, the Giants have wins. They are not eliminated from any playoff contention at the moment -- and the sheep are baa'ing away from Eli as if there's something wrong with him? How many QBs do you trade for Eli, right now?

    Eli Manning will get to the Super Bowl, and expecting him to WIN the Super Bowl for legitimacy is unfair.. didn't Warren Moon and Fran Tarkenton and Marino and Dan Fouts and Buffalo's QB and even Jim Hart, etc. etc.put together decent seasons, without a Super Bowl winner on their resume? Didn't Peyton Manning win ONLY ONE? What where these yahoos saying about Peyton this time, last season..??? (take it easy, call off the lynch mob)

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    he lacks command... he reminds me of a better version of Rex Grossman. He plays with the same inconsistancy as Rex, he can be hot and cold all in one game... a lot like Rex..

    I said it a lot last year about Rex too, that i would rather have an average yet consistant QB than a QB that can play like Brady this week and than like Alex Smith the next...

    An inconsistant QB is, in my opinion, the worst type of QB and has useually got to go.... Poor kid, i really dont see him getting it done.

    That doesnt mean he cant get a superbowl ring, the team he has is a tallanted team and with a little more work they are definetly superbowl contenders... i mean look at the Ravens a few years back... I mean... TRENT DILFER has a superbowl ring. so anything can happen

    All that said, i still dont think he will ever have a standout career and he will go into the history books with Guy Benjamin, Danny White, Quincy Carter, Steve Bono and Bubby Brister

    Source(s): RIP Sean Taylor
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    How bad does he wish he had went to San Diego right now?

    He could have been handing the ball off to LaDainian Tomlinson and throwing to Antonio Gates in a media friendly environment.

    Instead his dad landed him a gig in the big apple with a media market that will have you in tears and pick you to the bone.

    New York simply is not the place for Eli. Maybe daddy can beg the Giants owners to trade him to a more friendly environment so that his baby boy can salvage the rest of a career he is capable of having.

    In regards to what he has shown. He has shown that in four years with Giants he will never have a qb rating over 77.0 no matter how good that team is. Is that good enough for the big apple population? No. Eli would be doing himself and New York a favor by moving on.

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    He's had the misfortune of being under a coach who is not known to be much of a mentor. Tom Coughlin has never provided a system under which any QB could truly learn, develop and flourish.

    I suspect Eli will be a Brad Johnson caliber player. He'll play a long time, have flashes of brilliance, but won't win a Super Bowl unless he's plugged into a system where he simply has to avoid making mistakes, i.e. a game manager.

    I'm no expert on NFL quarterbacks, and reading progressions, but he certainly doesn't seem to make good decisions when reading the defense. I think his need to throw only to Plaxico Burress suggests some fundamental flaws in his field vision.

    He won't be great. Good, but nothing spectacular.

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    Ashley, are you trying to get me going?

    as a NYG fan, i have watched just about every one of his games - he's had some very good ones, a few more very bad ones, and the rest are pretty so-so.

    when it's all said and done, he's a decent QB -not great, nor has he shown that he ever will be great.

    He obviously looks better when Jacobs is running and Plax is healthy -neither is the case right now. And who knows, if the Giants land a Moss or TO in free agency, he will instantly look better.

    But grading him for his career so far, I give him a C+, and i don't see the potential for him to ever amount to more than a b-minus.

    EDIT - Joe B - I think I just threw up when you mentioned Dave Brown... Ashley, to give you an idea of how bad Dave Brown was, we used to pray they'd let Tommy Maddox in the game.

    Source(s): I've seen Peyton Manning play, and Eli, you're no Peyton Manning.
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    I don't know that I fully agree with the article.... look what happens to QB's who fired up and yell about bad games after them (see Ryan Leaf). I think he is focusing on what's important - what went wrong on those plays. He clearly is accepting responsibility for the loss, and obviously, he should. I do agree that he has a confidence problem.

    As far as how great his career is.... I'd hold him to the level of a guy like Kerry Collins - a 1st overall pick who was a good enough pro to stick around as a starter for 10+ years, but never the guy he was expected to be. I don't think he'll ever be a great QB, but I do think he has enough to be a starter in this league for a few more years.

    Long story short, he's not his brother.

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    i see him in either 2 places

    1. San Fransico .....honestly he would be a good fit there not a media frenzy team he would be able to get back on track

    talent at every position young defense

    2 . Backing up his brother in Indy : look around the league who needs a quarterback if S.F. doesnt take him maybe atlanta but i doubt that he'll go there maybe Baltimore but he wouldnt be a good fit

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