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What is the difference between the natural world and the super natural world?

When asking a question yesterday re science becoming so advanced one day that we will be able to reach the supernatural world, several people said it was not possible because the natural world and the supernatural world were completly different things. What is the difference and why will humans never be able to reach the supernatural through science?

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    hi mable-if something exists it is natural-therefore supernatural is a null word only used to describe something that either isnt known yet or doesnt exist-if its something we can reach its natural-just my thoughts smile and enjoy the day

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    I think the 'supernatural' world is that part of the world that, by definition, is not detectable or evidenced through science.

    500 years ago, the physics behind electrical currents, magnetism, and such were probably considered 'supernatural'. If you had a flashlight to show a medieval king, you'd probably be branded as some sort of witch or demon for possessing a supernatural artifact.

    Right now, scientists are struggling to explain the apparent increase in the expansion of the universe. Dark energy? Dark matter? Apparently the MAJORITY of our universe's matter and energy are of this 'Dark' variety, meaning we can't detect it or manipulate it, but it's apparently there and having an effect of the way things work.

    The existence of an entirely different realm of matter an energy that co-exists with us in this universe seems pretty supernatural to me... if you start looking into the crazy advanced physics theories, you realize that the supernatural is real, at least theoretically... science just can't seem to explain it yet.

    Teilhard (a French catholic priest who died in the 1950's) theorized that humanity is evolving along a set path, to the 'Omega Point', where life becomes aware of everything and unifies with the divine, the center of the consciousness of the universe.

    That's a pretty optimistic outlook, but it makes some sense to me. In a way, you could say that the supernatural encompasses all of the consciousness and understanding we have yet to attain; all the other life, energy, and interaction that we as people are not yet capable of comprehending. As we continue to advance, the 'natural' and 'supernatural' are gradually reconciled, until eventually we reach the Omega Point.

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    The only difference between the two 'worlds' is the level of matter involved.

    We will be able to reach the supernatural through science. We are just now really learning about the quantum level of matter. As we continue to learn about that level and the ones below it, that's when the answers will be scientifically known.

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    There's a Link between both Worlds, Quantum Physics is proving that. It is the Spirit World that Manifest The

    Physical World Through Higher Conscious Thought.

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    technically, if the spiritual world is real, then it is totally natural, so the label supernatural is a misnomer

    science, however, deals with the physical world. We may at some point be able to detect the spiritual world by means that would be considered scientific, but who knows

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    The natural world is the physical world, i.e. what you can see, touch, feel, smell & taste.

    The supernatural world is the spiritual realm, and although we can't see it, it is just as real as the natural world.

    Angels, Satan, demons, evil spirits, jinns, etc. exist in the spiritual realm.


    We can 'reach the supernatural world' through spiritual things like prayer, worship, reading the Bible. God is invisible - He is in the supernatural world, the spiritual realm. But when He answers our prayers, we experience miracles in the natural world. Miracles are God's supernatural power at work in the natural, e.g. Jesus walking on the water. Naturally, no man can walk on water but supernaturally, yes. By the power of the supernatural God.

    The occult also taps into the supernatural world, through seances, trances, ouija boards, crystal power, fortune-telling, tarot-card reading, transcendental meditation, worship of satan & evil angels, worship of idols, casting spells, & even magic....all of these occultic functions are through demonic powers. Evil spirits, demons, are spiritual beings & they operate in the unseen, spiritual realm. Witches, warlocks, magicians enlist the aid of these evil spirits to 'have power' over the natural world.

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    Individuals that believe that there is a separation between the divine and humanity created the belief in a supernatural world. Individuals that believe that we are not separated from the divine see no difference and no such "two worlds."

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    "Supernatural" is a fallacy. There is nothing about the universe that is not the universe, it is all the one. We use the word "supernatural" as a catchall to describe "things we don't understand yet", which is really all they are. If something is viewed as supernatural, it's only because we don't have enough knowledge of how the Universe works to understand it yet.

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    The natural world is what you see and feel . All beings in the natural world are just as you or I . The supernatural world does not exist except in the superstitious mind and imagination .

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    The natural world is earth and the super natural world is the spiritual world we live in when we pass into our next lifetime. Science can not get you to the spiritual world, only God can open these doors.

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