The Five Most Important Beach Rules

Use "Do" or "Do not" to type the sentence+中文解釋


Use "Do" or "Do not" to type the sentence+中文解釋

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    - Take good care of your children.

    -Cry for help when in difficulties

    -Warm up before you swim.

    -Learn to swim and know your swimming ability.

    -Stay out of water during thunderstorm.

    Do not :

    Do not litter.

    Do not swim when the red flag is hoisted.

    Do not be naked.

    Do not leave your belongings unattended.

    Do not piss Do not swim in dark.

    Do not rely on swimming aids.

    Do not swim immediately after a meal.

    Do not jump from a beach raft or dive underneath.

    Do not swim alone.

    Source(s): LCSD website
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