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    Jack: Hey! What's up, dude?

    Steve: Well, not much. What's up?

    Jack: Cool! No complaint! Hey, I'm going to Kenting with bunch of guys tomorrow. Wanna (want to) join us?

    Steve: Oh! No, I can't, I'm afraid.

    Jack: Really? What do you up to?

    Steve: I failed my Chemistry and Professor Chen let me do it again this weekend after I promised him to study hard next time. So I don't think that he's gonna give me another chance if I failed again this time.

    JAck: Is that so... Ok, then. We'll cross the finger for you while we're drinking beer on the beach and having fun with chics...

    Steve: Alright then. Hey! Don't get wasted and stay out of trouble...

    JAck: Will do my friend! Catch you later, man!

    2007-11-28 13:18:37 補充:

    * 口語中常常聽到

    gonna: going to

    wanna: want to

    * cross the finger: 祝你好運

    2007-11-28 15:33:41 補充:

    bunch of guys 改成 a bunch of guys

    2007-11-28 15:35:59 補充:

    Wanna join us? = Wanna come along?

    要不要加入? 要不要一起來?

    2007-11-28 15:40:08 補充:

    chics 改成 chicks 口語: 小妞

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