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When Qantas begins taking delivery of the A380 next year, the aircraft will be equipped with all manner of IFT and connectivity belles and whistles. Seat in all classes will offer e - mail and internet access, through either the seat back or personal laptops. Widescreen monitors of up to 23 in. Will provide the equivalent experience of a 42-in. home television monitor, Bruner says, and will have digital audio and video quality. The digital revolution also has enabled Panasonic to supply a vast library of demand music and video entertainment.

Virgin America launched domestic US service in August with a highly customized version of Panasonic IFE hardware dubbed “Red.”Among the features are a touchscreen with a custom toolbar that displays easily understood icons for Watch, Listen, Play, Shop, Eat and other options. In essence, it furnishes a PC at every seat (minus the productivity software)that runs on Linux. The belly of the aircraft holds three file servers and a systems controller as well as the Dish Network TV antenna. The system includes a live chat feature, enabling colleagues seated in different parts of the aircraft to communicate or, as Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson suggested on the“Today Show,”allowing a passenger to contact “the pretty lady”seated a few rows ahead.



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    當Qantas 開始明年需要A380 的交付, 航空器將被裝備以IFT 所有方式和連通性佳麗和口哨。位子在所有類將提供e - 郵件和網際網路通入, 通過或位子或個人膝上電腦。Widescreen 螢幕23 寸。將提供42 in. 家庭電視螢幕的相當的經驗, Bruner 認為, 和將有數字式音像和錄影質量。數字式革命並且使Panasonic 供應需求音樂和錄影娛樂一個浩大的圖書館。

    維京美國被發射的國內美國服務在8月以Panasonic IFE 的一個高度自定義版本硬體取綽號的"Red."Among 特點是觸摸屏幕與顯示容易地被瞭解的像為手錶的一個習慣工具欄, 聽, 演奏, 購物, 吃和其它選擇。實質上, 它裝備個人電腦在生產力software?that 跑在Linux 的每位子?minus 。航空器的腹部拿著三臺文件伺服器和一個系統控制器並且盤網路電視天線。系統包括一個活閒談特點, 使能同事坐用航空器的不同的零件通信或, 作為維京小組主席理查・Branson 被建議在the"Today 展示," 允許乘客與"俏麗聯繫lady"seated 幾列前面。謝謝

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