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Any suggestion for CPA?

I would like to apply for CPA in 2009. However, I should choose MBA or MSA this year? Here is my situation.

BSN degree in Taiwan, not related to accounting or business

have been in the states for 2 years; will stay here for the next 2 years, at least

got green card via my job; just quit and stay home for my pregnancy

might go to China one day due to my husband's research

received scholarship offering in MBA, no scholarship in MSA

no any job experience related to business or accounting

For my coming baby and my husband, I desire to have a carrer which allows me work at home, no matter I am in USA or China.

While considering my background, my status, and my family's needs, which one is suitable for me, MBA or MSA?


Thanks for replying.

It shows 150 credit hours in my state. My background is nursing, may I use nursing credits earned in Taiwan plus the credits that I will earn in MBA/MSA? I asked three advisers, and I got two different answers: two of them said acceptable, but one said no.

Update 2:

My friend's friend was a nurse, got MBA, passed CPA, and got jobs related to medical insurance. She used computer to work case by case at home. However, this happened almost 10 years ago. Now she is retired. Do you think this kind of job opportunity is still promising?

Update 3:

Another reason I struggled to choose MBA or MSA is that I might go to China one day due to my husband. In fact, I got green card in my first year in the states via my nursing job. MBA might be useful for me, but MSA sounds professional. Do you have any opinion while considering China's economy?

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    First if you want to take CPA exam then you

    have to check your state requirement. Some state like new york requires you to be accounting majoror have 60 accounting class credits. some states require you to obtain 150 credits before you can even apply for the candidacy.

    Second, if you want to work at home... eh... I don't think you can find too many jobs related to either accounting or finance. ( that just the nature of the biz industry)

    third, MBA or MSA is really depended on what you want to do in the future. MS degree only required 30 credits vesus mba 60, but MBA give you more choises in terms of what you wanna do later on. Although, either way, if you want to stay in the US, I would suggest you at least get a MS degree. It will give you more edge when you apply the green card ( MS or MBA degree applicants can get priority.)

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    btw you can try to get your visa via your new born babe( if you plan to give birth in the State)

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    for some reason yahoo does not let me answer it

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    MSA only sounds prof. but it does not help you at all .MBA gives you more opp. in long round. you have to check with your state to see if your 150 cr is qualified cr or not. I don't think anyone can answer that question for you except for your state.

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    I don't know if that kind of job is still avilable now, but some auditing jobs allow you to work from home. However, as the nature of accounting job 60+ work hours week is expected. I am not sure if you are ok with that though.

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    if you are thinking to go back to china then you should get a mba from top programs. since there are just too many ivy school mba in china now.

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    BTW nursing jobs pay more than entry level cpa.

    it takes you a good 4-5 to make 80k before you become manager level.

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