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What to the following references mean? Where a word or phrase is italicized, explain only the word or phrase. 1.A violent heart hath been Fatal to all the race of Herakles.—Arnold 2.Though comparatively weak, opposed to Johnson`s Herculean vigor let us not call his style positively feeble. —Boswell 3.By her in stature the tall Amazon Had stood a pigmy`s height. —Keats 4.He seemed earth-born, an Antceus, sucking in fresh vigor from the soil which he neighbored. —Lamb 5.Suddenly he sprouts out an entirely new set of features, like Hydra. — Lamb 6.As when Alcides…Felt th’ envenom’d robe, and tore Through pain up by the root Thessalian pines. — Milton 7.And Beauty, like the fair Hesperian tree, Laden with blooming gold, had need the guard of dragon watch with unenchanted eye. — Milton 8.of Hesperus and his daughters three That sing about the Golden Tree. —Milton 9.Voyage over dreamful seas To lost Hesperides. — Peabody 10.My fate cries out, And makes each petty artery in this body As hardy as the Nemean lion’s nerve. — Shakespeare

Exercises in Composition, Oral and Written 1.Select six scenes from the twelve labors of Hercules and present them in tableau form. See if your classmates can recognize each scene as you give it. 2.On his return from one of his labors Hercules is interviewed by a reporter from the Theban Courier (supposing such a paper to have existed). He gives an account of his adventure. 3. Compare the career of Hercules with that of Samson in the Bible. How did these heroes resemble each other? 4.What other “strong men” have you ever heard of who could be compared to Hercules? Give an account of them. 5.Hercules, let us suppose, suddenly finds himself in a city of to-day. What would he say about the sights and sounds him?



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    什麼對下列的參考意指? 在一個字或片語被用斜體字排字的地方,只解釋字或片語。 1.一顆暴力的心有是對 Herakles 的所有的比賽死亡事故。-阿諾 2.雖然比較弱,對詹森反對s 力大無比的精力讓我們不認為他的風格肯定微弱。 -鮑斯韋爾 3 世.被她在身材高的亞馬遜河站著 pigmys 高度。 -Keats 4.他似乎是出生於地球, Antceus,在來自他鄰接的土壤的新鮮的精力中吸。-生小羊 5 。突然他使發芽出一

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