Re: Add a video to Outlook?

Sorry, I didn't clarify: I want to send a custom email (with various text and images), but I want the video within the email to play automatically when the email is opened, just as a MySpace "embed" code does...

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  • Rajib
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    1 decade ago
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    You need to embed the video using HTML

    1. Upload the video to some hosting space. Obtain the URL to the video.

    2. Create a HTML page using a HTML editor and insert the video. You can use the OBJECT clause to insert video that will be played by Internet Explorer and the EMBED clause to insert video that will be played by Firefox and others.

    3. In Outlook, Click New (Toolbar icon) -> Select Stationery

    4. Select your HTML file and you are all set.

    Please note that depending on the security settings of email clients, Embedded objects, JavaScript code etc. are not executed. You maybe better off just sending the link to the video instead.

    YMMV, HTH.

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