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Dunno what my next car will be?

I have a 88 prelude 2.0si w/ 4ws. but I think that it is time for a new car. I was looking at integras but then I started worrying about the theft rate. so now I am between a 99 prelude and a scion tc. I want custom parts and all that. show and go car. clean not rice. I like scion/toy but having a very high milage honda I trust it. not saying toys arn't reliable. I just would like others oppinion on wich to get to make it a good preformance vehicle. I know there is a lot of honda haters and all but I would like to hear facts too. both are great vehicles and both have ups and downs. TQ and HP. who knows if anyone have integra info I may still go through with that. Thanks for any info

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  • 1 decade ago
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    scion make you pay extra for decet after market accessories (basically parts that are painted red and painted TRD on it) that you need like struts/shocks, sway bars, strut tie bars, "performance" clutches, coil over shocks....that is because the stock parts are horrible for example the clutch is borrowed from a camry or corolla or something like that, sports coupe with no sway bar?(too much body roll and if youre too aggressive things are going to start to break thats hard to fix)

    without all those parts driving the scion is boring..i wanted one too because it was 17k dollars and had all these nice standard features like good sound system, ac and power stuff but 10 minutes after i test drove one it felt like a camry(has camry engine)

    the paint job is horrible, ive heard and read about a lot of people bringing the car to the dealer after 6 months complaining about the whole front bumper, hood, and even the part of the hood right near the windshield being chipped and peeling. they asked for new paint but toyota said no because their paint is one of the best kinds and its all because of that persons driving style. who says that to a customer

    i ended up buying a 2004 infinit fx 35 for 23 grand...other than the gas mileage (12/16) and 5 grand more than the scion and 30k miles more but definitely worth it

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  • 1 decade ago

    My best friend owns a 2001 Honda Prelude with very small mod's list cold air intake, headers, exhuast, plugs and wires, underdrive pulleys, etc. he has his lowered and has a body kit and it looks sick!! It also sounds very nice, not ricey at all, and is pretty damn quick! I have an 05 Accord EX V6 coupe with 240HP and he can sometimes take me off the line in his Prelude with around 200-210HP!! It can handle soooo well in the corners, sometimes you would think it is AWD!

    Anyways, the Prelude is a much sportier car than the tC, and if performance is your main concern, the Prelude should be your top choice!!

    I also like the Honda CRX that either has a JDM engine swap, or a turbo engine, those are small and fast!!

    If you get an Integra I definitely suggest the GSR model for the most power!!

    Have you ever thought about going RWD? The Nissan 240SX, 300ZX, Mazda RX7 and Toyota Supra are a few RWD sports cars that would be great!

    Good Luck!

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  • 4 years ago

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