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my nephew was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma wtih mets to his lungs. He started with a mass in his throat.Fam


Sorry, I am a rookie here. His primary mass was in his throat and he has a traech. He was given a stge iv diagnosis today. Is anyone else aware of a case like his?

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    If you can finish the question I will have a go at an answer.

    Sorry to hear of your very distressing circumstances.

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    How old is your nephew?? sounds young. From my experiences it doesn't sound good. If it is stage 4 i would say it is incurable. My Mum was diagnosed in May with a rare form of kidney cancer. When discovered it had already spread to liver and lung. She was stage 4 incurable. It was very aggressive she pasted away Sept 7. I hope for you and your nephew you have better chances.

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