Of a loved one who has passed away alive and do you keep the memories and lessons of loved ones always in your mind????

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    I lost my 9 year old daughter and husband in a car crash on July 5,1999. Since then, I release balloons on their birthdays. Light candles on the anniversary of their death,. I still buy a Christmas ornament every year for my daughter like butterflies or angels.Our family still talks about them, and we have pictures everywhere of them and happier times. We keep their memory alive by still talking about them. That never goes away. There are things in every day life, like music they loved or something that reminds you of them. For me, that happens almost everyday. Its especially hard with a child. She is still my daughter and always will be a part of me and my family. Like the song from the movie Titanic, (which was her favorite) in that she sings "my heart will go on" If she lives in my heart, then her heart still lives.

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    I do think of them from time to time, I find I have a lot of my father's habits, and I wonder what he would have thought of my wife and son. Sometimes I have a drink or raise a toast for those who can't anymore on Veteran's Day.

    The people that have passed on don't want us depressed and reclusive, they want us to learn from their life and live life for ourselves. Part of him is in me, so no matter where he is, I feel he knows how I'm doing and maybe even giving me a mental boot to the head when I'm doing something stupid.

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    whats ya name ? how old are you ? where ya from? where do you live now ? do you have kids? did/do you go to college?

    and thanks i know im very creative with "about me" thingy

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    now im the freaky one ? LMAO !!! you're so weird and very hard to understand when I first met you I swear I thought you were in high school. so I thought I;d ask all the above Q;s to make sure you aint what I think you are :P

    you know that I started to like you . not that kinda like dont get your hopes up lol

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    Always! Sorry I don't believe in Heaven or Hell. We get one shot, this is it folks. Life is all about evolution not a after life.

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