and hell? If you do, what do people do to go to heaven and what do people do to go to hell? If you don't what do you think happens to people when they die?

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    1 decade ago
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    You can't believe in one without believing in the other.

    I believe in neither.

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    1 decade ago

    I do not believe in heaven or hell because I've not found these beliefs to be unjustifiable. Heaven and hell are mere concepts created as forms of social manipulation and oppression; although many people choose to construct a reality for themselves out of these concepts. Their construction of this reality containing a heaven or hell, however does not necessarily imply that they will actually go to a heaven or hell when they die.

    Death is something we all face and there are many ways of facing it. If people choose to create narratives or stories about the after-life as a personal reality then that is completely their choice. Does this indicate anything about objective reality, if such a reality exists, probably not. As to what happens when we die? Nobody knows.

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    Heaven and Hell do not exist, except in the imagination.

    There is so-called 'spirit' call it the consciousness or personality, etc etc that survives outside the body.


    That simply goes to the afterlife, or spirit world or 'fine matter' world - from whence it came, in the first place.

    Heaven and Hell are religious concepts - which are actually false, because they don't really exist at all.

    Religion largely 'lies' to us - and gives us false inaccurate information - or propaganda...

    Heaven, originally meant heaven, as in night sky.

    That is where God came from.. the night sky, ie. from the stars. Meaning he was an ET.

    As time on Earth passed, the meaning of heaven changed - just as the concept of God has changed.

    Just review the Bible - to see this example.

    You have ancient text going back to past civilisations and so the Book of Genesis was not written yesterday, and handed down intact. It was translated (how many times?) - but the text is such, it was as if it was written yesterday...

    That is an illusion, as is much of it's content - which is not fully understood. Is it descriptive as to accuracy, or is it merely symbolic? As in allegory?

    Try putting a date to different parts of the Bible, as in what era it was actually written in - now who did the translation? into English - what time period was that done in?

    Now - if we wanted to do a most accurate translation today - which text do we go back to - to ensure we do get the most accurate translation/text for us today... Do we go to a Latin version of the original text, or maybe a Greek? Or is there an Aramaic text that is reliable for us to use?

    Concepts have changed over time ... the concept of God has changed... same for resurrection ...

    I personally feel we get a 'muddle' from religion with no reliable interpretation from them, because it always changes...

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    Yes I believe in Heaven and Hell. The way to get into Heaven is to believe that The Lord send his only son to earth who died for our sins by shedding his blood for us.

    Hell is where the fallen angel went and if you don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are sure to go to Hell....

    But the Lord is the one who will gather his sheep up when the time comes and those who do not believe in him is not one of his sheep, and will be sentenced to a life in Hell. The Lord is the only one who can judge who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. Humans are not the ones to judge.

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    You know hell could be heaven for those against serving God, thus making heaven hell for them. Hell is hell for those who will always serve God, and heaven is heaven to them and them alone.

    Whether we believe in hell, heaven, or earth, nothing will change our destiny.

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    Heaven and Hell have different concepts among many of the world's religions and beliefs system.

  • gumby
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    1 decade ago

    Not in the traditional sense, no. I believe in several "degrees" of glory (basically different degrees of heaven). Everyone will be happy with where they are. And I don't believe in hell. I believe in a spirit prison where some people are kept until the resurrection. After resurrection, I believe there is outer darkness for only a very very select few who denied Christ.

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    Yes I believe in both even though I'm atheist. However, I believe in redemption where if you did something bad while living, you can try to repent for your sins in the afterlife. I don't think its all torture in hell. As for heaven, I think its the opportunity to help more people in need and give them guidance. I'm sure its not the stereotypical gate in heaven where you lounge and relax all days, and in hell where you're burned and tortured.

    Btw, thanks for answering my question and for the star!

  • yes i believe in both

    to go to heaven you must believe that you are a sinner (u lie, steal, etc...) and that Jesus Christ came and died to take away that sin and that he was the perfect Son of God He died and then rose again and defeated death like only he can

    to go to hell you dont believe ALL the above

    if you want to kno more email me (it should be an option on my profile) and i can give you more specific details

    Source(s): BIBLE
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    I believe in both. I feel that if you are a good person and live your life as God would want you to then you will be let into heaven. If you are not a good person and you do not live your life a God wanted you to then you will unforturnely not make it to heaven. When I say not doing as God would want you to I am mostly referring to Rape, Violence, Robbery, Killing etc.

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    Yes. Live with a righteous heart = Heaven. Live with an unrighteous heart = Hell. Live with a self-righteous heart = Hell. Live with an on-the-fence heart = Hell. This is very generalized, but you get the point.

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