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Is Limewire safe (Amount of viruses)? I have Spybot Search and destroy, Symantec, and Firewall by ZoneAlarm.?

Do you think those anti virus stuff is sufficient enough?

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    Don't download things from limewire, exspecially if you are download programs. Yes, there are virus. People like to mess other people up sadly.

    Instead, you should learn how to use Bittorent. It is much more popular and has much more resources. and most sites that have bittorent links moderate it and do virus scans for you.

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    Many people have used Limewire here for years. Never a problem, especially with the security you are using (Norton should stop any virus ahead of time).

    Some say there's too many viruses but there shouldn't be a problem if you have a good security system that detects them before they can download.

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    I have Limewire on a mac. It does not make my computer any slower and there is no viruses. I also have it on my windows laptop. It is unusable and I strongly advise against downloading it.

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