Being frisked by police officers.?

Say for example a pair of police officers had good reason to stop and frisk me, one was a bull dyke that was leering at me, the other was a really handsome man. why cant I insist that the man give me a good going over and search? I mean in that scenario, i am FAR more likely to be molested and dealt with in an inappropriate manner by the lesbian police officer.

should the sexy male police officer behave inappropriately, then I would not be traumatized or harmed.

so cant us women agree to male police officers frisking us?

oh and when you frisk do you tap the breasts? I noticed on the Bill that they dont do that? If i was hiding anything i would hide it in my bra? seriously it makes NO sense to avoid the area where the defendant is more likely to be hiding something?

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    If the police have a reason to do a frisk, you will not have the option of picking one or the other, they will determine that. When two officers are present, one will be the "contact" officer and the other will be the "cover" officer. This would be determined before they approach you. The contact officer is responsible for any actions, and the cover officer acts as a backup.

    The contact/cover approach is done for several reasons, most important, so if any type of verbal directions are given, they are only communicated by the contact officer, so there is no confusion if they both start giving orders to you.

    We are taught to use the blade of our hand (the outside edge running along the pinky when searching in the area of a bra.

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    A few things. The female will frisk you if one is present. It's just less risky for the male officer. I hate patting down females because it will make your life hell if just one female decides to say you did something wrong. That is just the way it is and you have no say about it.

    Officers are actually trained to frisk breats. Basically lifting them with the back of their hand, then sliding their hand between them (over the shirt). You want find anything small doing this, but you will probably find a knife or a gun if one is hidden there. Some officers might just have a woman "shake" her bra to see if anything will fall out.

    But that is a touchy scenario and a very complex one. In these days of lawyers, you have to be extremely careful with things like this.

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    I have been arrested by both male and female cops and frisked by both. I never had any choice who frisked and arrested me but I actually like the feel of a woman frisking me and cuffing me.

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    Yeah right, keep dreaming. Just because you don't mind being touched by any man it doesn't mean that other women feel the same way. If this was the case they would be 100,000.00 stop and frisk women every day.

    The reality is if this was to happen the courts would be flooded with law sues,

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    tap the tit? OOOHH , no lady There are such small objects that they could be hidden taped to your nipple with skin textured tape. I would surely have to physically manipulate to ensure that what seems to be real , is. LOL

    I am all in favor of selective body searches by both cops and persons of interest.

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    I like being frisked by male police officers ;)

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